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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Paki Couple To Couple Wife Swap Fun Part 1

I have been reading this great blog of hot Pakistani stories for quite a long time. Before I share our couple to couple sex adventure in Pakistan I should briefly describe the backgrounds of this story.I love this hot blog as it gives me all satisfaction to read such hot stories from people. My name is Rizwan and I'm 37 Y old now. I have a beautiful, sexy wife who had given me all possible pleasures of married life. She's wild in bed, loves enjoying sex variations and she obliged everything I demanded bed. We had 3 kids now. The eldest of kids is now 12 Y old while youngest is 4 years old. All are going to school and she's a complete housewife.

After the birth of our 3rd child, we discussed that our family is complete so we should start practicing safe sex now. We started using condoms. But, if I exactly narrate the difference between a condom sex and without condom, I should say that skin to skin is better. There should be no hurdles in between your dick and your wife's juicy pussy. As we were practicing safe sex for 2-3 years now, the sex life started to be boring. We couldn't have wild kind of orgasms and a certain kind of thirst was there for both of us. 

Meanwhile, one of my childhood friends arrived from a foreign country and he contacted me after a long time. His name is Akmal and he is about 36 Y old. He had done a 2nd marriage as his first wife was dead. He didn't have kids from the first one but there was a gap of 5 years in his 2nd marriage. I invited him home along-with his wife so that both families could meet each other and we could have a dinner together.

I told my wife to be ready for dinner and prepare everything extra-ordinarily so that we could have a great impression upon them. I also advised my wife to wear a good dress to make a good impression. She prepared kids, arranged dinner and got herself ready for the dinner. Akmal and his wife arrived right in time and we welcomed them at door. Both ladies got mixed up and we both greeted each others wife with a smile. I must admit that as soon as I looked at his wife, and as she exchanged a lusty smile with me, I was in heaven. She had a big and awesome pair of boobs that looked like a set of melons hanging on a tree. She was slim but got lusty boobs. 

I was immediately lusted. However, I couldn't do anything silly so we both couples moved in and there they had introduction to our kids. My wife had already arranged dinner for kids in their own room and my kids are sensible enough to behave like good babies. They went straight inside after greeting Akmal and his wife and we both couples moved straight to dinner table. Meanwhile, I stared at his wife's busty figure 3-4 times and she didn't mind it at all. During dinner, she sat in-front of me while my wife sat in-front of Akmal the way it had been.

Akmal was also staring my wife. Though, my wife had a little saggy boobs but she worn a uplift-bra so she also looked gorgeous. My wife's dress was also a bit sexy, deep necked and she worn tights with that dress and she was looking like a sexy slut. Akmal talked to my wife freely , calling her bhabhi and shared a few good jokes. At the same time, Akmal's wife was getting a little frank with me but I couldn't take it as grant for fuck.

After dinner, we had a tea session while my kids were regular to sleep early so they were sleeping in their rooms. Me and Akmal shared old days memories and both wives kept on discussing their fashion likes. Meanwhile, Akmal slowly whispered in my ear, buddy , you got a nice wife. I smiled and said; you also have a great one. we both smiled and I could notice the naughty intentions of Akmal about my hot wife. But who could break the ice. We were both hesitant to ask each other and admire our wives sexy figures. But Akmal took the initiative and said again; Do you try the old fashioned sex only or some spicy things too? I was a little surprised by his question but I said; Buddy, frankly saying; we are just bored these days. When I was saying this, Akmal's eyes had a sudden spark. I couldn't guess at that time what he was thinking and he said; oh come-on buddy. life has changed , try something spicy now. 

I asked how and he replied, If bhabhi agrees, try something new like soft or hard. Believe me, I haven't heard of soft or hard before that time and when he explained wife swap and its varieties, I got interested in it. our wives were gone in other room so we started discussing it openly. He told me everything about wife swap and how a married couple could spice up life with small give and take. I told him sorrowfully , buddy you are lucky if your wife agrees but mine is very conservative in these things. He asked me if my wife gives me a blowjob? I said Yes, he asked if she likes 'ANAL' I said yes, then he said, oh buddy, who says she's conservative. If she's so wild in bed she can go for anything you say.

I was not sure about my wife's feeling about wife swap but he kept on talking about the same subject. He asked me to tell everything about wife swap to my wife when we are in the fucking position. I asked why at that time, he said; you just do it and tell me what she exactly responses. After 11pm they left our house. His words were still scratching my mind. At about 12pm, I was desperate to fuck my hot wife. When I put my dick in her pussy, I was fantasizing Akmal's wife and her pussy. I was rubbing my wife's boobs but thinking about Akmal's wife. Then, I started Anal with my wife. Believe me, it was feeling more sexier and better.

Though, I was wearing a condom but I was enjoying more the thoughts of fucking Akmal's wife. While drilling my wife's ass, I started talking about wife swap. Initially my wife seemed a bit strange. she didn't react the way I wanted and responded in a forbidding style. Then , I said, Think, If someone else is fucking your ass, think if someone else is fucking your nice pussy. As soon as I spoken these words. My wife had a big orgasm. She had orgasm after 2-3 months and I was surprised by the way her body responded to the thoughts of someone else fucking her ass and someone else drilling her pussy. Read Paki Couple To Couple Wife Swap Fun Part 2 here.

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