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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Story Of Paki Aunty With Neighbor Boy

My name is is Sameena from Pakistan. Today, I am narrating my own life story 'Pakistani Aunty with neighbor boy' here. I am a married and now aged 39 years. I'm fair in complexion ,a bit chubby due to growing age and I have 3 kids aged 14M,10F,8F .I am well educated housewife and happily married to my hubby who is an officer of grade 16 and transferred to another city past 3 months. Due to accommodation problem, me and my kids are still residing in the old accommodation. My kids are now school going and after dispatching them to school I'm usually free the whole day. All boys in my neighbors and family usually call me 'Aunty' and I don't mind that. Let's proceed to this sex story. 

My hubby normally comes after two weeks for just 2 days. Now sa days we fuck once or twice after 15 days gap and sometime he doesn’t because of time and space, which really hurts when one is addicted to anything then it hurts when you don’t receive that kind of a dozen fucks. I am not sex addict but in recent years I felt myself more hungry for sex.I don’t let him know my sexual desires and lust but like all married women I do need cum in my pussy at least twice a week.

This story is a bit different as I used to do sex with a boy named Sunny of age 17 exactly and he is a good friend of my elder son. He is too cute and newly adult and he is as fair as any girl would dream for. Before this incident I never thought of him fucking me but as I mentioned I was in touch with him it did happened. The story starts like this when it was a hot summer and only housewives knew that when they are free and alone like me when all the children gone to school and streets are usually calm.

Sunny used to visit our house many a times during the day as he was a good friend of my eldest son. One day, when my kids were gone to school, I needed some urgent household stuff like surf for washing my children’s clothes urgently and I straight away climbed over my wall and talked to our neighbor. It was sunny's mom and I asked her to send someone for bringing me the surf and other things.

I had finished my stock of surf at home and was waiting for sunny to come and then I will start washing the rest of the clothes. I felt a sweat pain in my pussy may be because my hubby did not visited home past 13 days. when the door bell rang and Sunny appeared.

I converted my thoughts and gave him money for surf. He took the money and went to the shop after 15 minutes he came back. This time the door of our house was not closed so he did not ring the bell and came directly inside. I was all wet because I have started washing clothes again since I did not wore any dupatta on my big boobs and my curves and bra were all visible as he entered. I did not cover myself and pretended that I was unaware of the situation.

He was staring my big cleavage and visible black bra when he handed over the surf and money back to me. I pretended unaware of the staring and kept on washing clothes. I was expecting him to leave but I didn't know exactly how I tried to seduce him. I suddenly asked him to help me if he was free for 10-15 minutes and he accepted to help quickly. I knew that he was more interested in watching my boobs and ass cheeks plus visible bra. I don’t know why and how I became that horny once again. I was feeling a satisfaction in noticing him gazing.

I asked Sunny to bring the clothes from the bedroom near me so that I can wash them. I had placed a few of my bras and panties for washing on the bed so Sunny picked up my bras and panties and came back with a naughty kind of smile. as I was more interested in Sunny to watch me as closer as possible when came out I went inside my bedroom. I knew that my under-garments would definitely gave him a satisfaction for that aroused lust.

He was eagerly looking at my bras and I thrown a sudden question to him. Sunny, what are you watching? Pehly kabhi nahin dekhi yeh? (Have you never watched it before? He nodded his head and said, No Aunty, I have seen a couple of times at home but that was not that big. I smiled and said, Well it depends on size. Now he was taking interest in sexually arousing talks. He asked, Aunty how are these selected and what is the meaning of this number tag? I smiled again and said; You will know everything when your wife will come home. He insisted me to tell him a bit. So, I thought for a while and then asked him to promise me that he will keep all conversation secret and he will not reveal anything to his mom or sisters. and he quickly promised.

I was burning with lust but I have to save my social image as well. Though I was a bit afraid of his age but he given me a dead surety of keeping things secret so I started seducing him further. I told him everything about bra selection and measurements and he listen everything like a student. Then, surprisingly Sunny asked me about wearing a bra. I knew, he was fully seduced now and it was time to let him fuck me.

I have seen a movement of his dick inside his trousers as he was talking to me about brassier. I smiled again and asked him, do you want to see me wearing this and he nodded his head in YES. Then, I asked him to lock the outer door so that if anybody came in what he/she would think. Sunny got up quickly and locked the outer door and I removed my Qameez (Shirt) . While doing this, I took a promise again and again that if he revealed anything to anyone, I would be very cruel to him. He obeyed like a son. He was eagerly watching my wet black bra as I unhooked the wet one. Now I was leaning more and more forward and talking to Sunny but not looking at him as he might feel scare of being caught by me while staring at my assets and this continued for almost 2-3 minutes and showed him full boobs.

He said; Aunty , Apky tu buhat bary bary hain (Your boobs are big sized). I knew he was teasing me now so I smiled and kept my both hands on both sides of my boobs and held them like boobs. He was just itching to lick my tits and I have seen his lust. So, I asked him to come forward and see them closely. He came near me and I placed his head on one of my nipples. He started licking my nipple like a baby child. He sucked my nipples lustfully and with other hand he was just feeling his dick.

He kept his hand there and did not have more courage to proceed. I was shivering from lust and wasn’t able to wait any longer as time was running out of me. I held his hand and kept it on my open left boob and now all his confusion was gone and he understood the situation without saying a single word he calmly rode on me and cupped my boobs. I took didn’t say anything but started caressing his head.

This continued for a short time and then I asked him to show me his dick as a return. He was fully erect and as he undressed his dick, I removed my salwar . He looked around 5.5-6 inches in size but quite hard and thick. since he was not experienced in sex I held his dick and stroked it for a few minutes, then I put some saliva on his tip and rubbed it.

I was too angry for him to insert inside me so I asked him if he wants further and he nodded his head in nervousness. I took him to my bedroom and then I laid on the bed with opened legs. My freshly shaved pussy was wide open infront of him and as he came closer to my pussy, I grabbed his head and guided him to lick my pussy. He started licking me and kept on licking my pussy for 5-6 minutes. The I asked him to place his cock onto it and he obeyed like a son. He started fucking me but as it was his first ever fuck, he couldn't last more than one two minutes. His hot cum slipped inside my hot vagina and he started breathing heavily. so early but felt so tasty.

Now a days, Sunny is a regular fucker of mine. His timings are becoming great and now he fucks longer. He has started to behave like groomed and experienced fuckers and I call him usually once a week for sure.

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